What species of hedge is best for privacy?

Hedging and trees can provide visual screening, dampen sound, prevent access, divide your garden into subject areas, and give you privacy so you can enjoy your garden.

In this article, we take a look at the different types of privacy hedging and which species to choose for your garden.

Intruder proof hedging

Pyracantha hedging makes a great intruder proof hedge that can be planted along garden boundaries. Its fierce thorns deter even the most determined intruder, while still encouraging wildlife and providing food for birds.

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Sound proof hedging

Laurel hedging with its thick, shiny, evergreen leaves absorbs a lots of noise giving your outside space sound privacy from road noise or noisy neighbours. Because of its dense habit it's also great at visual screening.

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Visual screen hedging

Leylandii hedging is fast growing and excellent for providing a thick boundry over a short amount of time. It gets a bad reputation when not kept to a sensible height, but is very easy to clip and maintain.

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Narrow hedging

Privet hedging is one of the best forms of hedging for areas that are lacking space but still require a screen. Its quick growing and can be clipped with a hedge trimmer and will thrive in shade.

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Instant hedges

Our instant hedging is one of the best ways to create instant privacy from day one. Available in different heights, budgets, and varieties, mature hedging plants that have been grown and clipped in troughs.

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Wildlife hedges

Mixed native hedging may be deciduous but with Hawthorn, Blackthorn and other thorny varieties planted together will provide a habitat for a lot of British wildlife while keeping unwanted guests from accessing your property.

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  Published on 21 September 2020 By Will Bodsworth

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