Red Robin Hedging container grown hedging perfect for Spring planting


Flowering Hedge Plants

For a beautiful hedge with lots of seasonal interest, choose our flowering hedging plants. Available as single species or in mixed species hedging packs, flowering hedging is great for pollinating insects and many varieties also offer autumn berries for the birds. Make sure you also check our discount packs and pallet deals to get even better value when buying flowering hedges in larger quantities.

Our most popular Flowering Hedges

Choose from our most popular range of flowering hedge plants, featuring flowering shoots in late spring when growth begins.

Choosing the right flowering shrubs for your garden

We have many different hedge varieties available for a wide range of soil types and garden positions, including full shade and drought tolerant flowering hedges, making them ideal for many different types of gardens. Blackthorn or Prunus Spinosa is an old favourite, featuring blue berries in the summer and white flowers in early spring.

Benefits and key features of Flowering hedges

Here are just some of the benefits of planting a flowering hedge in your garden.

  • Great for wildlife - Flowering hedge plants provide many benefits for your garden, including the attraction of bees, insects, birds and other different types of wildlife. Making them ideal to plant in the ground near vegetable gardens for pollination.

  • Low maintenance - Each variety of hedge has a specific growth rate which will determine the amount of pruning required, the majority of species are low maintenance. Please check our hedging guides for information on how to prune and maintain your hedge plants, including shaping arching branches and how to maintain your plants for beautiful blooms in the summer.

  • Year round interest - Featuring flowers from early spring through to winter, different species produce fruits and clusters of beautiful blooms that provide colour year round in the garden.


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