Red Robin Hedging container grown hedging perfect for Spring planting


Instant Hedges

Transform your landscape instantly with our lush and meticulously nurtured Instant Hedges. Grown in the fertile soils of our Essex nursery, these mature hedges are expertly crafted through precision trimming and careful cultivation techniques to interlace and form a dense, leafy barrier. Immediately upon planting, an instant hedge provides an established ready made hedge, appearing as if they have been part of your garden for several years.

Available in convenient one metre troughs and at any time of year, our instant hedging plants offer seamless integration into your outdoor space. The robust root bags they are cultivated in ensures a secure and healthy transition from our nursery to your soil, maintaining the integrity and vitality of the plants throughout the transplanting process.

Our most popular Instant Hedging species

Choose from our best selling instant hedges species for year round interest, including Photinia x Fraseri Red Robin, Hornbeam and Beech.

Choosing the right Instant Hedge for your garden

We have a large range of Instant Hedges in stock and available with fast delivery. Our instant hedging products include a variety of species and sizes, allowing you to create the perfect new instant hedge for your specific needs. Instant hedging units are a great alternative to tall pot grown plants and worth investing for instant effect. They are supplied ready clipped and available all year round at various heights providing immediate impact. If you are unsure which species would be the right hedge for you garden, please contact our team for helpful advice.

Planting and caring for you mature hedging plants

When planting instant hedges, follow our simple planting guide to ensure that your instant hedging plants thrive and continue to beautify your landscape for years to come.

  1. Sunlight Assessment: Before planting, ensure the area matches the light requirements for your hedge type.

  2. Prep the Site: Excavate a trench to snugly fit the root balls, provide ample space for roots.

  3. Plant with Care: Unveil the roots gently from the hedging troughs to the trench, avoiding unnecessary root disturbance.

  4. Secure the Ground: Refill the trench, firming up the soil around the base for stability.

  5. Initial Watering: Once planted, quench your hedge’s thirst generously post-planting and maintain consistent moisture levels thereafter.

  6. Mulch for Moisture: Apply mulch to conserve water and prevent weeds.

  7. Prune and Shape: Instant hedges need to be trimmed at different times of year depending upon the species. Regularly trimming your instant hedge will help to promote its health and appearance.

  8. Nutrient Support: Fertilise your instant hedge as required to nourish your hedge with the nutrients it needs for continued lushness.

With Instant Hedges, you'll have an established hedge with instant impact in your garden. Our instant hedging solutions offer a quick way to plant a new hedge with an established root system, with many benefits over pot grown hedges. Instant hedging troughs are suitable for a wide range of garden types and available in your desired hedge length.


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