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Bare Root Hedge Plants

Bare root hedges provide the most economical and environmentally friendly way to plant a new hedge. The bare root season is normally between November and March, when the plants enter their dormant winter period. Bare root plants are lifted, the soil is washed from the roots and the plants are prepared for dispatch. There is no need for plastic pots, making bare root plants extra-kind to the environment.

Our most popular Bare Root Hedging species and Mixed Bare Root Hedging Packs

Choose from our best selling species of field grown bare root hedges and native mixed hedging packs. If your looking for a cost effective way to plant a large hedge in your garden, these hedge plants are ideal, buy your hedge plants online from Hegding Plants Direct with complete confidence.

Choosing the right bare root hedges for your garden

We stock over 30 bare root hedging species on our website for you to purchase, each with their own features and benefits. These cost effective hedging plants are field grown, making them a good choice if your on a budget. Supplied with bare roots ready to be planted in the ground from November to March. If you are unsure of which bare root hedging species to plant in your garden, please speak to one of our experts for the best advice.

Planting & Caring for Your Bare Root Hedge

To help your bare root hedging plants establish successfully, follow our planting tips:

  • Plant Promptly: Aim to plant your new hedging plants within 48 hours of arrival for optimal health, the bare roots should be kept moist to minimise failure rate.

  • Prepare Your Trench: Make sure it's broad enough to comfortably fit the plants roots, fostering unimpeded growth.

  • Enrich the Soil: Amend your trench with planting compost or aged manure to give your hedging plants a nutrient-rich foundation.

  • Water Wisely: Quench your plants' thirst right after planting, and maintain even moisture levels in the ground throughout their first season.

  • Space Sensibly: Give each plant room to flourish. Spacing guidelines vary, so consult the recommended distance for your chosen hedge.

  • Mulch Mindfully: Suppress weeds and keep moisture consistent with a layer of organic mulch.

  • Prune for Perfection: A light trim can stimulate fuller growth, while harder pruning should wait until your hedge stands strong.

  • Monitor Meticulously: Keep an eye on your hedgerow's health to catch any pesky pests or diseases early on.

Nurture your outdoor space with bare root hedging plants, and watch as it grows into a vibrant, living boundary that benefits your environment and enriches your garden's ecosystem.


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