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Fast Growing Hedges

Our fast growing hedges have a quick growth rate which will form a dense hedgerow of robust plants in a very short space of time. In our fast growing hedging range you'll find a choice of evergreen hedges with year round interest, deciduous hedges and UK native plants. Whether you are looking for a privacy and security, a wildlife friendly hedge or a natural windbreak, Hedging Plants Direct can help.

All of our quick growing hedges are grown in our UK based nursery and pass stringent quality control processes, ensuring you receive high quality plants in top condition ready for planting.

Our most popular Fast Growing Hedge Plants

Choose from our best selling species of fast growing hedging plants, including Cherry Laurel, Common Privet, Golden Privet, Dog Rose, Western Red Cedar and Hornbeam. If your looking for a new hedge, tall hedge or formal hedge, all of these species feature fast growing plants that can be pruned to the desired height. Pyracantha is also a popular choice, for its attractive yellow, orange and red fruits.

Choosing the right Fast Growing Hedging Plants

When selecting a fast growing hedge, it’s important to consider factors such as height, width, soil conditions and type and location. If you would like some advice on which quick growing hedge would be best suited for you garden, please speak to a member of our friendly team for expert advice.

Benefits and features of Fast Growing Hedges

Fast growing hedge plants have many features and benefits for your garden including;

  • Fast growth rates: Our fastest growing hedges grow quickly, with a rate of at least 60cm a year depending on growing conditions. Pruning can be done in early spring, keeping hedges to a manageable height.

  • Privacy: One of the main benefits of fast growing hedges is their ability to quickly create a privacy screen. This is especially important for properties with close neighbors or those that are situated near busy roads.

  • Security: Fast growing hedges can also act as a barrier, providing additional security for your property. Their dense and robust nature makes them difficult to pass through, deterring intruders.

  • Wildlife value: Many fast growing hedgerows are also great for wildlife, providing a habitat for birds, small mammals and insects. This can help to create a more diverse and natural environment in your garden.

  • Natural windbreak: With their rapid growth and dense foliage, fast-growing hedges are also effective at creating a natural windbreak. This can be particularly beneficial in reducing wind and protecting more delicate plants in your garden, reducing soil erosion, and even lowering heating costs by buffering your home from cold winds.

  • Cost effective plants: Due to their quick growing nature, you can purchase smaller plants that will soon fill out with new growth, saving you money compared to buying larger, more expensive plants. They are by far the most cost effective choice, when considering planting a new hedge.


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