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Hedging for Shade

Concerned that your garden may be too shaded for a hedge to thrive? Our range of shade loving hedges are suitable for both partial and full shade, ensuring you find the right fit for your garden's conditions. Hedging Plants Direct has a wide range of shade-loving plants, including hedge plants specifically selected to thrive in shaded positions in your garden, from partial to deep shade.

Whether you prefer an evergreen hedge, flowering hedges, or one with wildlife interest, you’ll find something you like in our range of hedging for shade. Understanding the difference between areas that receive direct sunlight and those that are suitable for shade-loving plants is crucial for selecting the right hedging plants for your garden.

Best species of hedging plants for shade

Choose from some of our most popular hedging species, including evergreen shrubs and shade-loving plants such as Blackthorn, Hornbeam, Hazel, Beech, and the Cherry Laurel. The Cherry Laurel is a vigorous, dense evergreen shrub with large glossy bright green leaves, making it ideal for reducing road noise and providing privacy. It is one of the most popular hedging plants that copes well in both shade and sun, offering a solid screen for privacy and wildlife cover.

Another excellent option is the Cupressocyparis leylandii Castlewellan Gold, a fast-growing evergreen shrub with golden yellow foliage that creates a dense screen, perfect for those seeking a vibrant, year-round foliage display in their garden.

Choosing the right species of shade hedging plants for your garden

Choosing the correct evergreen shrubs for your garden can be daunting, especially when considering the importance of selecting the right type of plant that thrives in shaded areas. The presence of green leaves throughout the year adds significant visual appeal to shaded gardens, offering a lush, vibrant backdrop despite limited sunlight. For help or advice contact our team of hedge experts.


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