Red Robin Hedging container grown hedging perfect for Spring planting


Wildlife Hedges

Our wildlife hedging range has been specially selected for its ecological value. Whether it’s a great provider of pollen and nectar for bees and butterflies, or winter berries that provide food for nesting birds, each of our wildlife hedge species will help support biodiversity and attract different wildlife species and small mammals in your garden. The wildlife value of these hedges is immense, providing essential food, shelter, and nesting options for a wide variety of wildlife, including birds, insects, and mammals, thereby supporting the ecosystem.

Wildlife friendly hedging is available all year round as pot grown hedge plants. Our bare root wildlife hedging is normally despatched between November and March and offers fantastic value for money.

Best hedge plants for wildlife

The best hedges for wildlife comprise of a variety of species, including native shrubs, each blooming and bearing fruit at different periods, thus providing continuous value to wildlife throughout the year. Additionally, they serve as an excellent means to incorporate a diverse range of native hedging plants, mirroring the local natural landscape.

The inclusion of nectar-rich flowers within these hedges is crucial, as they offer essential sustenance to insects, butterflies, and birds, especially during seasons when food is scarce, thereby supporting a wide variety of species.

Choosing the right hedge species to attract wildlife in your garden

There are many different plant species, including native trees, that can be combined in a native hedgerow that are great for attracting wildlife in your garden or outdoor space. Our field wildlife and garden wildlife hedging mixes incorporate these native trees and shrubs, offering the ideal solution with a specially selected mix of hedge species known for providing shelter, protection, food, and breeding opportunities for wildlife. For more information, please check out mixed native hedge packs.


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