Westen Red Cedar Hedge - Thuja plicata

Thuja plicata, or Westen Red Cedar hedging is a nice alternative conifer to Leylandii. It grows slower then its counterpart with dark green leaves, turning bronze autumn and winter. Thuja can be clipped back harder then leylandii and, when clipped produces, a wonderful smell.

Its best to plant Pot Grown / Rootballed hedging in a single row.

Plant Spacing:
Pot Grown / Root Balled. When planting smaller (80cm and below) plants you will need 4 plants per metre, and for the medium size (80cm and above) you will need 3 per metre, and for the larger size (120cm and above) plants you will need 2.5 to 3 per meter. 

Westen Red Cedar Hedge - Thuja plicata
Key Facts
Likes dry soil Likes sandy soil Likes sun or shade Evergreen Full hardy Coastal area friendly
Good nesting for birds Annual growth 25cm to 35cm Final spread 2.0m Final height 10m

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