Variegated Holly - Ilex Argentea Marginata

Variegated holly hedging is a perfect plant for providing a good intruder deterrent. Holly can be used as a single species hedge or part of a traditional mixed hedge. Holly is more expensive then most plants due to its slow growing habit and inability to survive well when transplanted bareroot. Therefore we only supply Pot Grown and Rootballed plants.

Its best to plant  Pot Grown / Rootballed Holly hedging in a single row.

Plant Spacing:
Pot Grown / Root Balled. When planting smaller (80cm and below) plants you will need 5 plants per metre, and for the medium size (80cm and above) you will need 4 per metre, and for the larger size (120cm and above) plants you will need 3 to 3.5 per meter. If you are looking to plant plants over 150cm then 2.5 would be suitable.

Variegated Holly - Ilex Argentea Marginata
Key Facts
Final height 6.0m Final spread 1.8m

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