Soil Improver Hedge Compost

Our Soil Improver Hedge Compost is a natural, peat free soil conditioner/improver. It is highly fertile and will improve soil structure, which will enhance the soil's drainage characteristics, air and water holding capabilities, resulting in healthy plant growth. It is perfect for planting bareroot and pot grown plants into soil. 

A 900lt bag will plant around 300 to 500 bareroot hedging plants from 40/60 to 90/120cm high. If you are local to us (Essex and Suffolk) we can deliver larger loose loads delivered via a tipper van. Please contact us for more information 

A short video showing how our Soil Improver Hedge Compost is made. 

Soil Improver Hedge Compost
900lt - Trade bag - ON SALE
Curbside delivery only

Key Facts
Award winning Our best seller Great for Garden Planting
Great for Field Planting Essential for plant heath