Griselinia littoralis Hedge - Green Griselinia

Griselinia littoralis is a wonderful dence, fast growing, evergreen hedging plant with soft bright green leaves that forms a very instance hedge. 30cm of growth a year is possible much like Laurel. It has a great resistance to salt so makes for a good seaside plant. 

Pot Grown hedging is best planted in a single row.

Plant Spacing:
When planting 60cm - 80cm - 5lt plants you will need 4 plants per metre to create a good hedge. We would plant no less than 3 per metre.  80cm - 100cm - 7.5lt are best planted at 3 plants per metre and no less than 2 per metre, and 80cm - 100cm - c10 2 plants per metre would be sufficient, but no less than 1.5 plants per metre.

Griselinia littoralis Hedge - Green Griselinia
Key Facts
Likes all types of soil Likes sun or shade Evergreen Final height 2.0m Full hardy Coastal area friendly
Good nesting for birds Annual growth 25cm to 35cm Great for Garden Planting Final spread 1.0m

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