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Box Hedging also known as Buxus Sempervirens is a popular landscaping choice for giving your outdoor space a neat and tidy look.

Featuring glossy green leaves, these slow growing evergreen shrubs provide a beautiful evergreen hedge. However, box blight disease can be an issue with box plants, making alternative hedging varieties more desirable.

In this article, we will explore suitable alternatives to box hedge that are just as effective at creating the desired effect while also allowing you to add unique touches and personalise your outdoor space.

We will discuss some of the top alternative options such as Euonymus Green Spire, Euonymus Jean Hughes and Box Leaf Honeysuckle so that you can make an informed decision when selecting the right hedging plants for your garden.

Overview of box hedges and why alternative options should be considered

Box hedging has been a popular choice for landscaping due to its neat and tidy appearance and small leaves. It can be easily pruned into topiary shapes, low hedges and defined edges, giving your garden a neat and refined look.

It has an average growth rate of 10-20cm per year, making it the ideal choice for a low hedge.

Box thrives in well drained soil, and will tolerate a wide range of soil types.

It is also suitable for planting all year round and will produce new growth throughout spring and early summer.

However, box blight disease is an issue that can occur with box hedges which results in the plants becoming prone to fungal infection and death.

With alternative hedge options available, you can avoid this problem while also taking advantage of more creative choices to personalise your outdoor space.

Alternatives to box hedging

What is box blight disease?

Box blight disease is a fungal infection that can affect box hedging and cause affected plants to turn black, brown or grey in colour and die off.

This can have a devastating effect on your garden and it is best to consider alternative options early on to avoid this problem.

Box caterpillar otherwise known as box hedge caterpillar can cause significant damage to box hedges and alternative hedge varieties if left unchecked.

These small insects feed on the foliage of box plants, leaving behind holes in the leaves and stems which can weaken the overall structure of the plant.

In severe cases, an infestation can lead to plant death. For further information on common problems with box hedges, please read our guide to box pests and diseases.

Box blight disease on a box hedge

What alternative hedge plants are there to box hedging?

There are a range of alternative hedge plants available that offer the same neat and tidy effect as box hedging, very popular with garden designers.

Hedge species such as Euonymus Green Spire, Euonymus Jean Hughes and Box Leaf Honeysuckle are flowering shrubs that can provide colour and texture Lto your garden without the risk of box blight.

Some of the most popular alternative hedge plants include:

Creative ways to use box alternatives to personalise your outdoor space and garden

These alternative choices have an abundance of foliage that can allow you to create unique patterns and shapes in your garden or outdoor space.

Additionally, other plants tend to require less maintenance than box hedging as they are more resistant to common box diseases and pests.

Alternative hedging plants give you the opportunity to be creative with your garden. You can use alternative plants to create geometric shapes or curved pathways, adding a unique touch to your design.

Additionally, you can use alternative plants to add heights and dimensions by planting them behind other foliage or flower beds.

Whatever you decide, alternative plants are sure to bring more variety and colour to your outdoor living space.

Using box alternatives in the garden

Need help choosing which box alternative to plant?

If you have any questions about choosing or planting box hedging alternatives, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Hedging Plants Direct.

We are horticulturists with a wealth of experience of growing, training, pruning and establishing hedging. We’re here to advise you on which hedging species will look the best, perform the best and fit in best with your small garden and lifestyle.

Check our range of hedging plants or contact our team for advice


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