Osmanthus het. 'Tricolor' Hedge

Osmanthus heterophyllus 'Tricolor' is a lovely compact green and yellow variegated evergreen hedging plant, that has fragrant jasmine-like flowers in April and May. Osmanthus is a perfect hedging plant for use near a patio or garden area. This variety is also a good subsutute to Holly. 
It is generally a hardy plant but can suffer in the very cold. It will floursh if protected from a north and east winds. It will acheave a height of 3ft very easiley but can grow in time to 6ft

Plant Spacing:
Pot Grown / Root Balled. When planting 20cm - 40cm plants you will need 4 plants per metre to create a good hedge. We would plant no less than 3 per metre. 
60cm - 80cm 7.5lt plants are best planted at 3 per metre.

Osmanthus het. 'Tricolor' Hedge
Key Facts
Likes dry soil Likes sandy soil Likes sun or shade White flowers Evergreen
Autumn colour Spring colour Wind tender Frost tender

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