Golden Leylandii Hedge - Castlewellan Gold

Golden Leylandii hedging is a quick growing evergreen hedge and can provide an almost instant screen from day 1. Leylandii hedge can be kept compact if clipped twice a year. Its only problen is will not regerate from dead wood, so care must taken when clipping. 

Its best to plant Pot Grown hedging in a single row.

Plant Spacing:
Pot Grown. When planting smaller (80cm and below) plants you will need 3.5 plants per metre, and for the medium size (80cm and above) you will need 2 per metre, and for the larger size (275cm and above) plants you will need 1.5 to 2 per meter. 

Golden Leylandii Hedge - Castlewellan Gold
Key Facts
Likes sandy soil Likes dry soil Likes sun or shade Evergreen Full hardy Coastal area friendly
Good nesting for birds Annual growth 35cm + Final height 20m Final spread 2.0m

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