Cotoneaster franchetii hedge

Cotoneaster franchetii is a fast growing shrub perfect for garden of any size. The small oval evergreen leaves are gray on top and white underneath. In spring large clusters of white flower are followed by red berries in autumn.

Its best to plant Bare Root hedging in a double staggered row, and Pot Grown / Rootballed hedging in a single row.

Plant Spacing:
Bare Root. When planting 30cm - 60cm high plants we recommend 5 plants per metre.

Pot Grown / Root Balled. For 40cm - 60cm - 3lt We recommend plants 4 plants per metre and no less than 3. 60cm - 90cm - 7.5lt plants we would plant 3 plants per metre to make a thick hedge, and no less than 2 plants per metre.

Cotoneaster franchetii hedge

Key Facts
Likes all types of soil Semi shade Full sun Pink flowers White flowers Evergreen Annual growth 25cm to 35cm
Fruit for birds Full hardy Final height 2.4m Final spread 1.0m

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