Tapestry Hedge Mix

Tapestry Hedge Mix comprises of differant hedging plants interplanted between splashes of colour.It will provide a vivid backdrop to a garden or large shrub bed. Now available to buy in easy 1 metre packs. Each metre pack contains 5 plants. Simply plant 2 staggered rows mixing the plants to make a wonderful hedge. Each row should be 30cm apart, and each plant 40cm apart in row. Simply add how many metres of hedge you need to your basket and we will work out the mix and quantity for you.

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Economy Field Mix is useful for long stretches of hedging or where you need to add-on to the end of an existing mixed hedge. It is also useful for property adjacent to fields.
Thornless Garden Mix is perfect for areas in your garden where children play or where a hedge is needed close to path. We have included 3 differant types of Dogwood hedging to enhance your winter garden.
Economy Coastal Mix is useful for maritime environments. This hardy form of hedging contains Wild Privet which has a high salt tolerance as well as Sea Buckthorn for added colour and wildlife interest.

Tapestry Hedge Mix consisting of:
40% Hornbeam ( Carpinus betulus )
20% Cotoneaster franchetii 
15% Field Maple ( Acer campestre )
15% Purple Beech ( Fagus syl 'Purpurea' )
10% Golden Privet ( Ligustrum ovalifolium 'Aureum' ) 40cm - 60cm

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Tapestry Hedge Mix
Key Facts
Likes all types of soil Likes sun or shade Deciduous Autumn colour Fruit for birds Good nesting for birds Spring colour
Full hardy Great for Garden Planting Establishes rapidly Suitable for most areas Our best seller

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