Rootgrow - Mycorrhizal fungi

For better establishment, naturally healthier plants, stronger flowering and fruiting and better drought resistance, Rootgrow is all you need. Unlike a fertiliser that runs out over time, Rootgrow which comprises of (UK) origin mycorrhizal fungi, will develop into a huge secondary root system increasing the root area of your plants by up to 700 times.  These fungi have evolved to help plants find essential nutrients, minerals and moisture and pass them back to the plant. In exchange the fungal partner takes carbon and sugars from its host. A perfect partnership made millions of years ago!

All our Rootgrow for bare root plants contains a gel sachet which allows you to dilute the Rootgrow in water to make a dipping paste which will inoculate the enitre root system. 

For more information about Rootgrow please view our info sheet

Plant size 360g 1kg 2.5lt
40cm/60cm 110  350 875
60cm/90cm 75 250 625
90cm/120cm 70 150 375
120cm/150cm 50 140 350

Rootgrow - Mycorrhizal fungi
Rootgrow - Mycorrhizal fungi
Rootgrow - Mycorrhizal fungi
Rootgrow - Mycorrhizal fungi
360g - with Gel Sachet - ON SALE
1Kg - with Gel Sachet - ON SALE
2.5lt tub - with Gel Sachet - ON SALE

Key Facts
Essential for plant heath Great for Field Planting Great for Garden Planting

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