Plant half hardy annuals and summer bedding plants

Now is the time to start thinking about planting your half hardy annuals and summer bedding plants, keep an eye out on the weather forecast for the last of the frosty mornings so you know when you can start planting as any early then this the frost will likely ruin all your hard work.

Half hardy are surprisingly easy to grow and if planted correctly plus well cared for these will last all the way through until the first Autumn frost.

Summer bedding plants are a great way to add some instant colour to your bedding whichever variety you choose, whether its petunias, begonias, geraniums or a mixture of them all!

Hoe and pull weeds

Its time to start rectifying those weeds that are over running your garden! If you're looking to pull these out by hand wait for a day after some heavy rainfall as this is when they're more likely to spring up more plus the added benefit of the ground being softer you'll be more likely to pull the whole thing at once with the roots, this will help prevent the return of the pesky weeds.

An alternative method, plus quick and easier, would be to use some selected hand tools to tackle the job. The market is littered with a selection of tools to assist the job, from being able to stand while tackling the weeds in bulk to help prevent back pain, or kneeling tools to get down low and tackle small individual weeds.

One thing to take into account when select your hand tool is to make sure it has some comfortable grips and a well sharpening blade to prevent just chewing the weeds rather then cutting.

Feed container plants every two weeks

Container plants need to be fed after a certain amount of times due to the compost they are in will only have so many nutrients to give until their ability to provide for the plant has run out.

Whether you decide to use liquid feed or solid feed it is important to read to manufacturers guide on how to use the product to ensure you are not incorrectly feeding the plant which could cause damage. It can be far too easy to both over feed or under feed if not correctly distributed.

Bronte Multi-Purpose Liquid Feed

Improves plant health in 1 week. Stimulates growth, improves root formation, and strengthens plant resistance. Designed specifically for flowers, veg, pots and beds.

Juneberry Hedge

Amelanchier lamarckii hedge provides seasonal interest, with a profusion of pretty star shaped white flowers in spring and bronze-tinged young leaves that turn orange and red in autumn.


RootGrow contains mycorrhizal fungi which naturally increase nutrient and water uptake by forming a highly efficient secondary root system. It is completely natural and plant friendly fungi, suitable for use on flowering plants, trees and shrubs.

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  Published on 01 May 2022 By Dan Grimwade

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