3 Tips for jobs in your garden throughout August

Thoroughly Water Plants and Hedges

With the extreme weather we have been experiencing lately its important to to ensure your plants and hedges are getting sufficient water, preventing the soil from drying up and potentially killing your plants and hedges from lack of water.

Avoid soaking just the top of the soil as this will not be enough to get deep into the soil to feed the roots and the stop the roots from growing further out to collect the water they need. On top of this just a wet surface of soil will encourage the growth of weeds which will deminish the water supply to the plants roots.

 This can be achieved by manually watering the plants yourself as frequently as you feel necessary or installing an automated drip irrigation will help make this task a much more hands of job, but its still important to be checking the irrigation is giving the plant or hedge enough water.

Different plants and hedges will react differently to how much water they require so its important to do your research on what your specific plant or hedge may require.

Cut Back Hedges

August will be your best time to give your hedge one last trim before the colder weather will eventually start coming in, where you'll want to wait until next year before your next trim.

This can easily be done using a hedge trimmer, but its good practice to go back over with a pair of secateurs and cut out any half cut leaves to stop them from browning. You can cut back the height and width of the hedge but make sure you do not cut back more the 50% of the hedge itself.

Giving the hedge a light trim will encourage it to bush out more. But as with most garden tasks there is no fully clear cut way to achieve this, as different types of hedges require slightly different techniques and specific ways to be cared for. Read up on your hedge to ensure you know what is required, you can always contact us if you need any advice!

Turn Compost Heap

If you have read our Garden tips from last week you would have seen our suggestion to make your own compost!

If its been roughly 2-3 weeks since you started your compost heap now may be a good time to look at turning it over as the centre will be warm by now and decomposition will have begun.

You can choose to do this manually with a pitchfork or shovel, agitating the pile while turning the compost the help get a healthy airflow and create some air pockets within it, this will help microbes into the pile which are vital to the decomposition process.

You may aswell choose to purchase a compost tumbler, but this will make the process less cost effective and take up more room.

Throughout the warmer whether it is recommended to look at doing this every 4-5 days to speed to process up.

Cherry Laurel is a hugely popular vigorous, dense evergreen hedge with large glossy bright green leaves that is perfect for reducing road noise and providing privacy.

It provides trickle irrigation - from bedding to fruit and vegetables, hanging baskets, troughs and hedging, plus much more. Made from recycled tyre remnants, it provides gentle and precise watering above or below the ground.

Hornbeam is a popular deciduous hedging plant, having beautiful green leaves with deep veins that turn golden in the autumn and are retained throughout the winter.

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  Published on 01 August 2022 By Dan Grimwade

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